Local infrastructure in the Netherlands, Mexico and Spain

Network of contacts and associate consultants in Germany, France, Italy and UK

Netherlands 8th world exporter

Netherlands 8th world importer

México 9th world exporter

México 13th world importer

Spain 15th world exporter

Spain 15th world importer

US billion dollars in trade – our local markets and their position in the world

With our own infrastructure in the Netherlands, Spain and Mexico and in close coordination with selected partners in most European countries, we develop trade projects.

Our own team and associates are experts who understand the local business culture, are specialized in specific sectors and have well-established contact networks. Depending on the nature of every project, we assign the right expert for each phase and coordinate and supervise the whole journey to market.

The Netherlands is one of the leading economies in the world with great potential and a solid commercial reputation, being a leading worldwide provider in the areas of innovation, sustainability, water solutions, agriculture, smart cities, etc. The country offers support programs to its business community through which it subsidises and finances internationalization and knowledge transfer projects among others,.

Besides assisting Dutch companies in developing their export and sourcing projects, we assist foreign companies accessing this market and using it, in a later stage, as their entrance door to the European Market.

Besides assisting Dutch companies in developing their export and sourcing projects, we assist foreign companies accessing this market and, in a later stage, using it as their entrance door to the European Market.

The Spanish market represents an interesting market in itself and as the entrance door to Iberoamerica.

Mexico is a developing country with great opportunities for innovative products/concepts and with an increasing demand for topics such as circular economy, smart cities, water management, etc.

Besides being the first country in the world having signed a Free trade agreement with the European Union, Mexico is a major market with strong links to the Latin-American market, and is part of the USA – Canada – Mexico Free Trade Agreement.

We develop projects and strategies for the internationalization of companies to the Netherlands, as the entrance door to the European market

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