The Netherlands – Access door to Europe – 500 million consumers

Free trade agreements

High consumption power

8º importer and 8º (re-)exporter worldwide

Cosmopolitan and demanding: european test market by excellence

The preferred and leading country for the establishment of European headquarters of companies

Avant-garde logistics and distribution center for Europe

Competitive advantages and government support for efficient import-export business development

Neuralgic center of innovation, sustainability, creative industries, digitalization, agro-food, ITC, medical devices, etc ...

What is the most efficient, economical and fastest way to discover the potential of my company in Europe?

The Trade Missions and the participation in Trade Fairs / Exhibitions (sector pavilion / country or individual stand) are two formulas of approach to the market that offer governments and companies direct contact with the destination market and with counterparts that fulfill the desired profile in the country of destination.


What sectors of opportunity to export?

 Why Europe?

Sectors of Opportunity

Here are some examples of  areas of opportunity:

  • Information and communication technologies (ICT)
  • Medical devices
  • Medicinal plants
  • Creative industries
  • Organic food / Agro food
  • Consumer products for e-commerce platforms
  • Textile industry
  • Other products of consolidated export companies, innovative, niche, etc.

Are there opportunities for my company?


The European market has a consumers profile with a higher average purchasing power than the rest of the world. Furthermore, it is in continuous search for interesting, different and quality products and concepts, representing an attractive alternative for consolidated exporters and innovative – niche companies.

Even if your company is not included within the traditional export opportunity sectors, it is highly recommended to explore the potential of your offer by making a direct approach to the market and explore on matters like export potential, strategic alliances, transfer of knowledge, etc.

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Why diversify?


It is evident that the constant threats of the United States to suddenly impose tariff increases in countries such as Mexico and China, jeopardize the stability of exporting companies, which requires to look for alternatives that ensure  continuity or  growth of their export activity

The European market offers a great opportunity. A large market, with high purchasing power and, in some cases, little explored by exporters with high potential but concentrated in selling to neighboring countries

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